Friday, 8 March 2013

A simple and cost effective way for every business to use video


My advice to every business, large or small is have at least one video on a dedicated business YouTube channel - if you don't you could be missing out on views and visits via the worlds 2nd largest search engine. Use the same key words as you use to optimise your website and your video WILL appear in searches.
It's a no-brainer!!

There is one fantastic way to produce a video that promotes your product or service without going to the expense of commissioning an all-singing, all-dancing promotional video; a video case study or testimonial video by your client saying how good you are. It's a brilliant soft sell - so your best clients do the selling for you.

They are simple to produce - with a small amount of time and skill you could create your own on an ipad or iphone 4/5. In it's most simplest form interview your best client/s and ask them to share the why, the what and the how they use your services. Ask them to say why they would recommend you to other people in their sector.

Don't appear in the video yourself - film interview style like you see on TV news then edit out the questions so all the best bits are on the film.

If you want to go a stage further you might be better off employing the services of a video professional who will film the interview more professionally for you and take some video footage of your product in use at the company - associating you with their brand - so you can bring the case study to life with images

Here is an example we produced for our own video production services:

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